Four Seasons at Al Sabo Land Preserve

This page contains Al Sabo everything, and nothing but Al Sabo!

Portraits in Al Sabo Land Preserve, covering all seasons.

Following is a rather long term project to capture a representative cross section of the incredible diversity of plant and animal life in Al Sabo Land Preserve.  The most time consuming and difficult to capture well are the many mammals, birds, and water animals who call this place home, something that might have to wait for my retirement years to really dive in.


Sound Samples from Al Sabo.  Note the last one was recorded in early Spring, 2018 (3/25).  Lots of wind, it was an early walk around 9a and only 27 degrees F.  But this place is already kicking in strong!:

I’m also planning on capturing beautiful HD quality (1080p) movie clips of all four seasons in 2017 to create a short twenty or so minute film, hopefully some Winter weather will return (as of 1/15/2017, is soggy rain and 38 out!).  With the big rig, that is, a mix of shoulder and tripod mounted.  And this time it will be a real movie, not slide shows.  The movie will be posted here as a link to my YouTube channel.