Al Sabo Land Preserve flowers, blooms, berries

The diversity of wildflowers in this place is amazing.  I’ve barely scratched the surface over the years, but it made sense to start cataloging a selection of what I’ve found so far, in blog form of course.  All photos found on this post were taken within the borders of Al Sabo Land Preserve in Kalamazoo County, USA. 

The process of identifying these has given me some incentive to get back to the preserve in the Spring of 2017 and find more…stay tuned!

I’ve opened this one up for comment, so you see something that you’re reasonably sure of what it is, post a comment.  I’ll look it up to confirm, then I’ll update the entry if I agree.  So basically the starting point for each photo is general location (Al Sabo Land Preserve) and I’ve listed the date and time.

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