WordPress plugin scam?

I purchased a gallery plugin that was one of the fastest I demoed and worked well on all the devices I tested, but had two glaring problems.  Ugly white boarders could not be controlled, and no control over justification.  At least not without getting into their code.  So I sent them an email (their online form was broke) requesting these two enhancements be added to the plugin control panel.  The reply from them just about blew me away.

I immediately removed all remnants of the plugin from my website and replaced it with something I trust from Envato Marketplace, this felt like an invasion from some dirty street bug from the depths of cyber hell.  Good riddance to these folks.  I wasted $21.  Buyer beware!  No decent company is going to ask for admin control of your website!

After a quick web search, I found almost the exact same text was used in a customer interaction from a different company.  My first and still current thought on this…SCAM!  It was bad enough that they had the lack of protocol and asked for the keys to my little kingdom, but apparently they have multiple companies and this response now looks generated!

I decided to put this on my blog for one reason:  there was strong evidence that this “company” has engaged in erasing complaints on them, so I figured, why bother with blogs and bulletins that might be adjusted.  At least my own blog is controlled by me and me only.

Their response to my simple request to enhance creative control of their product (border color and justification):



We would like to have your WordPress admin login details along with Website link for investigation of the problem.

We assure that it will be kept secret and will not be shared with any one.

You can change the details once you have the problem fixed.

Once we have the details we would sort out your problem as soon as possible.

Thanks & Regards