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Four Seasons at Al Sabo Land Preserve

Al Sabo Land Preserve is this place in Kalamazoo County, just under 800 acres set aside by the City of Kalamazoo primarily for the purpose of mining the water.  See Wikipedia writeup.

It’s a great site for photographers, runners, hikers, bikers – and other than a scattering of pumps and related infrastructure to support water mining (and a recent paved trail), and of course foot/bike trails and a few lookout platforms and the Consumers Energy right of ways, the place is largely unchanged since the last clear-cut that devastated it probably over 60 years ago (a basic guess based on the relative age of the forest, another guess).  Fortunately, Al Sabo (a Kalamazoo City employee) had the foresight to create a preserve, so nature has had a chance to make a nice comeback.

This long term project, “Four Seasons at Al Sabo Land Preserve”, is being maintained here.

3/24/2019:  Jansen Photography has created a new site that will be dedicated to the art of sound.  It’s in its infancy, but will eventually become a focus of our effort:  https://naturesoundpro.com.

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