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WordPress plugin scam?

I purchased a gallery plugin that was one of the fastest I demoed and worked well on all the devices I tested, but had two glaring problems.  (more…)

Al Sabo Land Preserve flowers, blooms, berries

The diversity of wildflowers in this place is amazing.  I’ve barely scratched the surface over the years, but it made sense to start cataloging a selection of what I’ve found so far, in blog form of course.  All photos found on this post were taken within the borders of Al Sabo Land Preserve in Kalamazoo County, USA.  (more…)

Using two vintage Ambrotypes for our 2015 Christmas card

We have a number of Ambrotype images from around 1855 that have been passed down from long gone relatives.  Two in particular are Winter scenes, and I’m planning on using the images for our 2015 Christmas card.  (more…)

Wonder why a link brought you here?

On 11/28/2015 I converted my old website to WordPress to make it more accessible to small platforms, especially phones and tablets.  (more…)